“Don’t focus on your problems, focus on God. He is the solution.”

“When Within the Shady Woodland” by Sarah Samuelson

A young man was leaving his house for a four day kayak trip with his friends when he noticed a rubber band on the counter and felt prompted to grab it. He was in a rush and ignored the feeling.

As he was about to walk out the door, he felt prompted again, stronger this time, to grab the rubber band. So he grabbed it, put it on his wrist, and left.

On their drive out to the river, they had to drive about 25 miles on seldom traveled, rough, dirt roads with no cell signal.

About 18 miles in, they got a flat tire. In order to change the tire, they had to assemble a metal pole and clamp a key on the end of it to lower the spare off the bottom of the truck.

But the clamp on the key was broken, so there was no way to get the spare tire off the truck.

And they only had one cup of water.

After doing some panicking, they found that they had two options: walk 18 miles in the 95 degree desert to try to find help or walk 7 miles to the river, get more water, and then go back to find someone to help.

Well, right as they were about to start the walk back, his friend noticed the rubber band on his wrist and had the idea that they could use that to clamp the key onto the pole.

It was the perfect tool for the job and they were able to change the tire and get to the river.

God doesn’t take away all hardships we face. But He is ready to give us the perfect tool for the job of overcoming them.

Moses still faced the Red Sea.
But he was given a rod.
David still faced Goliath.
But he was given a sling.
Joseph Smith still faced the darkness.
But he was given the scripture needed to discover light.

Trials will still come.
Tires will blow.
Darkness will surround you.
But even when your problems make you feel “ready to sink into despair,” know that God “made Joseph’s darkest place into a sacred grove.” (Taylor Ricks)

He has the tools to do the same thing for you and for me.

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