Don’t look around to determine your worth. Look up and see the source of your worth.

“The Measuring” by Brian Kershisnik

Directly after Jesus had the “feed my sheep” conversation with Peter and talks about Peter’s mission and foreshadows his martyrdom, He says these words to Peter:

“Follow me.” (John 21:19)

The next verse is interesting. 

Instead of answering the call, Peter looks back. And looks at John, the disciple Jesus loves. 

The disciple that never left Christ’s side at the cross. (John 19:25-29)

The disciple that outran him to the garden tomb. (John 20:4). 

And says to Jesus, “what shall THIS man do?”

Christ gave Peter his mission and purpose. And immediately, Peter wants to compare his work with John’s—who was to tarry until Christ’s coming (John 21:22 and D&C 7). He wanted to get out that measuring stick and see if he is measuring up. 

And Christ responds,

“What is that to thee? Follow thou me.” (John 21:22). 

It is so easy to compare—callings, children, body types. 

To look around at other people to determine our own worth.

But God’s answer to us is the same. 

What is that to thee?
What does that have to do with YOUR salvation?

Don’t look around to determine your worth. 
Look up and see the source of your worth. 
Don’t look around to measure against God’s other creations. 
Look up and fulfill the measure of your own creation. 
Don’t look back. Look up. 
And follow me. 

And guess what? Peter listened. 
He followed His own personal call. 
He became the rock he was chosen to be. 
Became the prophet he was chosen to be. 
Died on a cross, as foretold.

May we all be like Peter, and heed the masters call. 
No matter where that takes us. 
And no matter where others’ calls take them.

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