“God knows your name and He knows your need.”

“The Shepherd’s Path” by Yongsung Kim

God called him by name.
“Thou art Oliver.”

Reading this section of Come Follow Me had me overwhelmed by this truth: God knew Oliver.

Each of the revelations for last week’s readings were for him, and the extent of God’s knowledge of Oliver is clearly shown.

He shows Oliver his gifts (D&C 6:10).
He speaks to Oliver about a moment no one was aware of but God and Oliver (6:22).
He gives Oliver comfort (6:14).
He answers Oliver’s question about the scriptures (D&C 7)
He tells Oliver how he specifically can tell if something is right or wrong (9:8-9)
He gives Oliver a work to do (9:4).
He tells Oliver what he did wrong (9:5)
And how he could do better in the future (9:8).
He forgives Oliver (6:35).
And affirms His love for Oliver (6:20).

Incredible, isn’t it?
God, the master and creator of the universe, knew Oliver completely. He knew his eternal potential, but also his current circumstance and daily concerns.

And if He knows that for Oliver, He knows that for you.

He has numbered the hairs on your head (Luke 12:7).

I love that this is the example given in the scriptures for how intimately God knows us.

It is impressive not only because we have a lot of hair, but also because it is something that is ever changing.

He sees when a strand falls on the ground as we frantically get dinner ready, or gets stuck in our son’s diaper, or is pulled out in frustration. Likewise, he knows when a strand starts growing back in.

And if He cares to keep tabs on that, He cares enough to know when we personally are falling, and when we are growing.

And when you, like Oliver, inquire of Him, you will see the depths of His knowledge and love for you.


He knows your name and He knows your need.


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