“If you seek God’s truth, that which now may appear dim, out of focus, and distant will gradually be revealed.”

“Holding Hope” by Jenna McKell

Anyone else use sleep to solve all their problems?
The other day, I was in a funk and my husband said “sleep.”

So I went into my room to take a nap and decided, you know what? No. I’m going to read my scriptures and write a post or two.

Feeling quite proud of myself, I set to work….and got absolutely nothing done. An hour and a half and I had no post. And I didn’t even feel uplifted.

In fact, I was MORE mad. Because I just used up precious nap time and gotten nothing from it.

Although my mood eventually improved, I was a bit miffed about it for the rest of the day. Then, as I sat, God reminded me of something I had studied.

In 1828, while teaching school about a mile away from the Smith farm, Oliver Cowdery heard of Joseph Smith Jr, and sought to live with Joseph’s parents, where he learned more about Joseph’s divine calling.

One night, he sat in his bed and prayed to God wanting to know if the work Joseph was doing was true and received a vision of Joseph translating the golden plates.

Though he told no one of the experience, he felt peace and knew that he was supposed to go to Harmony and be Joseph’s scribe.

As soon as the school term was over, he set out on the hundred-mile journey to Harmony with Samuel, Joseph’s brother.

It was a cold trip, and by the time they reached Harmony, Oliver had a frost bitten toe.

That was the part that God reminded me of.

The frost bitten toe.

And I felt the spirit whisper, “what will you let hold you back from the truth you seek?”

There will always be “frost bitten toes” on our journey for truth—set backs, hardships, moments of failure.

But Oliver didn’t let that stop him from seeking truth.
And neither should I.

If you seek God’s truth, that which now may appear dim, out of focus, and distant will gradually be revealed.


Don’t let a “frost bitten toe” cause you to turn back on what you know.
Seek, and ye shall find.
It’s a promise.
And God always keeps his promises.

I used the book “Saints” to find the historical information in this post.

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