We know how this all ends. God wins.

art by Marni Butikofer

I remember my eighth grade science teacher telling us a story about his son. He was out deep water scuba diving and he went unconscious. When he woke up, his oxygen was low and he was in the dark, completely disoriented.

He didn’t know which was was down, which way was to the side, or, most importantly, which way was up to the surface.

So he blew a bubble.
And followed it up to the surface.

My eighth grade mind was blown by this story. But I realized something that day: there are some truths that you can just count on.

D&C 10 had one of those truths you can count on: God wins.

Yes, Satan had a cunning plan. Yes, wicked men got ahold of the manuscript. Yes, Joseph lost his gift to translate for a bit.

But God’s wisdom was greater (D&C 10:43). Satan did not frustrate God’s work.

In fact, God had a plan in place thousands of years before. Something that actually “threw greater views upon [His] gospel” (10:45).

So, when we don’t know which way is down and which way is up, or when we mess up big time or we are in turmoil, there are truths we can count on.

Air bubbles rise toward the surface. Gravity is an attractive force that exerts a pull between two objects. An object in motion stays in motion. And God wins.

We can count on it. Every time.

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