“God can’t steer a parked car.”

art by Marni Butikofer

I was listening to the scriptures as I cleaned the dishes on Sunday and I felt the spirit strongly as I read “whosoever shall thrust in his sickle and reap, the same is called of God.” (D&C 12:4)

It is interesting to look at the order here—first, you act. Then, you are called. Not the other way around. First, you show your willingness, and then God asks you to do more.

God asks us to thrust and trust.
Because “God can’t steer a parked car,” (John Bytheway).

Interestingly, this revelation was given because Joseph Knight did just that.

Despite the fact that he “was not in easy circumstances,” Joseph Knight brought provisions when Joseph Smith needed them. And his journey was the catalyst to him receiving this revelation where he was called to do more work.

So after I got done with the dishes, I decided to follow Joseph Knight’s lead. I reached out to someone and acted on an impression. And guess what? I felt God call me to a work. It was a really powerful moment.

Thrust and trust, my friends.
You are called to this work.
And it is great and marvelous.

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Source: “How was the Joseph Knight Family Important to the Bringing Forth of the Book of Mormon?” By Book of Mormon Central

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