“There is help, there is happiness, there really is a light at the end of the tunnel.”

“Hope is Christ” by Edrei Jones

Revisiting Mary Whitmer’s story today—

She was feeling overburdened when Emma, Joseph, and Oliver stayed at her house and she was out milking the cow when an angel showed her the plates.

This is such an interesting thing for the angel to do.

It reminds me of two more stories.

The first story is of a pioneer woman who said she couldn’t go further. Knowing the company couldn’t wait for her, she kissed her family goodbye and sat down to weep. Her daughter stayed behind with her and went down the road to pray for help. As she went back to her mother, she miraculously saw a pie in the road. They ate it and the mother was strengthened to continue their journey.

The second is Elijah. He was running for his life and, in despair, prayed that he could die. He laid down to sleep. Eventually, an angel woke him up, gave him bread and water, and said, “eat. this journey is too much for you.” And Elijah was strengthened to finish his journey.

In none of these stories were the exhausted, overburdened people’s problems solved. Elijah still had to finish his journey. Mary still had to cook, clean, and host. The pioneer woman still needed to cross the plains.

Their hardship was not lifted, but their spirits were.
Their sacrifice was not taken away, but given meaning.

They were seen.
Their sacrifice was seen.
And their efforts were worth the sacrifice.
Their pain was given purpose.

Sometimes, this journey may seem “too much for you,” too.
Maybe it is…too much for you alone.
But you are never alone.

Look for the pies in the road. Purpose in pain. Hope in despair. Light in the dark. Packets of help. Angels on both sides of the veil.

Evidence that even if your trial must continue, you, too, are seen. And your sacrifice is consecrated.


“There is help, there is happiness, there really is a light at the end of the tunnel.” 


Expect it.

“God knows your sacrifices and your sorrows. He hears your prayers. His peace and rest will be yours as you continue to wait on Him in faith.”


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