“Repent is perhaps the most hopeful and encouraging word in the Christian vocabulary.”

My husband has a running joke right now where he cries repentance in the least subtle ways to close friends and me any time he has the chance. It has been going for probably four months now (he is nothing if not consistent).

And although it’s a joke, it has gotten me thinking an unusual amount about the phrase “say nothing save repentance” or, as it says in D&C 15 and 16, “the thing which will be the most worth unto you will be to declare repentance.”

What does repentance mean exactly? Why is it of the most worth and so important it should be the only thing we talk about?

The Bible dictionary states that repentance is “a change of mind, a fresh view about God, about oneself, and about the world.”

Isn’t that beautiful?

Crying repentance is not, then, about bringing up sins from all angles, but bringing up Christ from all angles. Helping others to see Him, and by extension, themselves and the world, a little differently.

Crying repentance is not about condemning people, but connecting people—bringing them a little closer to God.

Truly, “‘Repent’ is perhaps the most hopeful and encouraging word in the Christian vocabulary.” (Elder Holland)
And crying repentance is crying hope. Crying change. Crying Christ, who is the author of both.

It is about inspiring, not insulting.
Truly, “Repentance is a process of addition, not subtraction.” (Anonymous)

Adding hope.
Adding truth.
Adding light.
Adding Grace.
Adding Christ.

And that is something worthy of our effort to cry out.
Maybe my husband is on to something 😉

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