How we heed is dependent on what we need. Words that are the same penetrate hearts that are different.

Did anyone else laugh a little when they read in the heading of D&C 15 that the revelation for John Witmer was intimately and impressively personal, only to turn the page and see that the revelation was almost word for word the same as the revelation given to Peter Whitmer?

But then I started thinking of direction that I have gotten from the prophet in my life. And do you know what I realized? It’s the same revelation that has been given to you! Word for word!

The intimacy comes in application.
How we connect it to our past;
How we direct it toward our future.

Think of the sacrament, literally the same words for every single person, yet simultaneously the most intimately and impressively personal part of our week.

Or those moments you walk out of a meeting or general conference and talk to someone and sometimes wonder if you were even in the same meeting.

How we heed is dependent on what we need and where we are needed. Words that are the same penetrate hearts that are different.

As Elder Uchtdorf taught, “We are not the same. We have unique spirits. We are influenced in different ways by our experiences. And each of us ends up different as a result.”

It’s the spirit at work. The personal part of personal revelation.

And it truly is “intimately and impressively personal.”

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