“The Lord loves effort.”

art by Eva Timothy

Emma Smith and a few others wanted to be baptized and they dammed up the creek to prepare for the baptism.

But when they went to hold the service, they discovered someone had destroyed it to prevent the baptisms from taking place.

That image has stuck with me all week.

Because I feel like I’ve had dams break every day recently.

Hard work that seems for naught.
Good, righteous efforts that seem swept away with the current.

But here is the great news:
“The Lord loves effort.” (President Nelson)

Even if your efforts aren’t appreciated, it doesn’t mean they are wasted.

Even if the dam breaks, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have made it.

Success is not determined by the OUTcome, but on who you BEcome.

Not where results of your efforts stand, but where you stand before God.

And other’s agency can never get in the way of that.

God saw that first dam built.
And He sees your efforts too.
So don’t give up.

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