“The service that counts the most is usually recognized by God alone.”

“Eternally Bound” by Julia Rogers

Emma was called to comfort. 
It was a calling she was set apart to do. (D&C 25:5)
Meaning, it was important to God.
And that feels so important to me to have it feel so important to God.

Because many times in my life, I feel that I am called to comfort.
Asked to support.
Called to be behind the scenes making everything work.
But not forgotten. Never forgotten.
Because God is behind the scene as well.

Now let’s pair it with God’s commandment to Emma verses later: “Let thy soul delight in thy husband, and the glory which shall come upon him.” (25:14)

Sometimes, we don’t get the Earthly glory.
But God knows what we are doing.
As Elder Michael Ringwood said, “The service that counts the most is usually recognized by God alone.”

He knows the importance of the work,
Because it is His work.
And He reminds us constantly that His workers receive His glory.

The calling or role of supporter isn’t a sidekick position. Christ, too, the greatest of all, filled that position—He died to support us and said to God, “the glory be Thine forever.” (Moses 4:2)

Many times, we are called to comfort.
Called to support someone and pave the path for their glory.
But in those moments, we are not demoted to less. We are exalted, becoming more like our Savior.

Thanks to my dear friend Alison Dean who inspired this post!

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