You can’t do everything and be everything to everyone – we have a Savior for that.

art by Megan Lindsey

There is a Greek myth about a boy named Phaethon. He went to his father, a God named Helios who was charged with carrying the sun across the sky every day. The father swore by an oath that he would grant his son one request. Phaethon asked to drive his father’s sun chariot.

The father tried to persuade him this was a terrible idea, but the boy refused to change his request and his father was bound to his oath.

Phaethon could not handle the horses and came too close to the earth, scorching it with the sun and causing his own demise.

I thought of that story as I read God’s counsel to Joseph, “And in temporal labors thou shalt not have strength, for this is not thy calling. Attend to thy calling and thou shalt have wherewith to magnify thine office.” (D&C 24:9)

God flat out tells Joseph, “you don’t have strength for that. Focus your attention elsewhere.”

And God will on occasion say the same to us. And that’s ok!! Move on.

I think there is this fine line and balance between “Through Christ I can do all things” and “Do not run faster than ye have strength.”

But if Christ gives us strength to do all things, how can we run too fast?
I believe it’s when we are running the wrong direction. 

God provides both direction and strength. We must attempt to follow the one to get the other.

Don’t pull a Phaethon.
Do not overextend and burn out.
God will help you fine tune where you should put your attention—what is good, what is better, and what is best.

Sometimes, God says no. And we might need to as well.

“We would do well to slow down a little and focus on the significant and truly see the things that matter most.” 


You can’t do everything and be everything to everyone—we have a Savior for that. And He does His job perfectly.

But you CAN become what God wants you to be.
You have the strength for that. God will ensure it.

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