Put on your helmet of salvation.

art by Jenna McKell

I recently read about a man working at a construction site. 
As he was rigging a crane, an 80 pound aluminum joist fell directly on his head, from the equivalent of nine floors up. 

I was super surprised to read that the man went back to work only 110 days after this horrible accident. 

How? Because the man had been wearing a hard hat. 

The hat had deflected the weight of the joist from the center of his head. So although the joist broke his neck and shoulder, and punctured one of his lungs, his head was largely protected. 

“The hard hat saved my life,” the man said, “there’s no question in my mind”

Hearing this story made me look at the helmet in D&C 27’s description of the armor of God a bit more closely.

Because the head is the most important thing to protect and I’ve always thought it odd that God asks us to put on the helmet of salvation.

Because many times, I think of salvation as an end result.
Not something I can take up now. 

But salvation is Jesus Christ.
And His Atonement is not something that was just used long ago or will be used in the distant future.
His sacrifice can sustain us now when we take Him upon us.
His gift of salvation can empower us now.

“With the goal of salvation ever in our mind’s eye as the ultimate to be achieved, our thinking and our decisions … [will] challenge all that would jeopardize that glorious future state.” (President Harold B. Lee)

Salvation is not just a destination.
It is the sustaining force of our Savior.
It can guide us.
It can help drive us to the end.

Put on your helmet of salvation. 
Focus your mind on Christ.
Let His sacrifice lift you to new heights and push you to improve today.
You will be protected.
You will be saved.

Written by Sarah Keenan

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