Christ turns all wrongs upside down.

“Garden Tomb” by Taylor Ann Child

He lives!!
Read this poem from the top down,
then the bottom up

“The Doubt of the Second Day”

The second day.
The doubt and fear from
The day’s events banished
The disciples’ faith in Him.
That He would rise, resurrecting
And defeating death, fulfilling the prophecy
The Savior triumphant
He promised He would return,
But no such thing occurred.
Death claims all men,
The body buried,
The tomb closed,
No longer is
The Savior walking on Earth.
Spreading His gospel,
With joy.
The disciples weep
Unable to conceive the promised miracle
On the third day.

Read from the bottom up for “Joy of the Third Day.”

Poem written by my sister, Sarah Keenan.

Happy resurrection day, friends. Christ truly turns all wrongs upside down. He lives. He loves us. I love Him.

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