“When you understand the atonement, then you understand the joy of being rescued.”

Art by Breanna Bleak

A young father was swimming a short distance across a lake with his daughter on his back when he suddenly panicked.

He could feel the water pulling him down to the bottom of the lake. He knew he didn’t have much longer left.

He cried for help, but no one heard him or was close enough to help.

Desperate to save himself and his child, knowing he had only moments left, he realized his shoes were saturated with water and weighing him down.

He frantically fought with his last breath to take his shoes off.

As they sunk to the bottom of the lake, he instantly felt relief. He was able to safely get himself and his daughter to the other side of the lake.

In Doctrine and Covenants 40:2, it states “[James Covel] received the word with gladness, but straightway Satan tempted him […] and the cares of the world caused him to reject the word.”

Like the father’s shoes in this story, the cares of the world slowly dragged him down.

We all have moments where we feel that we are drowning.
Where we experience the debilitating weight of earthly cares.

We must have the awareness and the courage to kick off the extra weight and hand it over to the Savior.
He is waiting to help you. He has already experienced that weight for this exact moment. To help free you from it.

As Elder M Russell Ballard said, “When you understand the atonement, then you understand the joy of being rescued.”

While earthly cares drag you down, Christ cares only to lift you up.

Kick off the weight and yoke to the Savior.
His burden is light.
And He is mighty to save.

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