“Because He gave His life, you can change yours.”

art by Megan Lindsey

God called Enoch to preach to a wicked people. 
A people that His fierce anger was kindled against.
A people who, “from the day God created them, for MANY generations,” had gone astray.
A people who denied Him and devised murder.
A people God had prepared a Hell for if they didn’t repent. (Moses 6:28)

Who was this group of wicked people?
The people who became Zion.
This was the city of Enoch…pre Enoch.

God commanded Enoch to preach to the people and say, “Choose ye this day, to serve the Lord God who made you.”

And they did.
They chose God.
They listened.
They repented.
They became Zion.
And they were raised up.
They saw Christ.

I know we are past D&C 45, but I keep thinking of what a beautiful context this gives to the chapter.

This sinful group chose to receive the law and were changed because of it.

And we can do the same.
Doesn’t that make Zion seem more attainable?

I think it is interesting that God says those who fear Him “shall be looking forth for the great day of the Lord to come, even for the signs of the coming of the Son of Man.

“And they SHALL see signs and wonders.” (D&C 45)

Look at the people of Enoch. They looked forth to the Savior, and they saw signs and wonders.

They were lifted up—literally seeing their Savior. His “coming” to them was THEN.

Whether any of us will be here for the second coming or not, all of us will have Jesus come to us—our personal “coming.”

And those who look forth for that day will see signs and wonders.

Whether we feel close or far away from being prepared, the city of Enoch shows us that change is possible.

Truly, “You can change. You can be a little better. You can stand a little taller. You can love a little deeper. You can pick a different path. You can walk a different walk. You can find forgiveness. And joy. You can become your best you.

“Because He gave His life, you can change yours.” (Anonymous)

Signs and wonders are possible.
And maybe the greatest wonder will come from within.
When we “choose to serve the Lord that made [us],” and we are truly changed.
Lifted. And prepared to greet Him.

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