“God is in the small details of our lives.”

art by Lacey Zubia Christenson

I just started running again. It has been a long time. And my left knee—which was injured fifteen years ago—has started acting up again.

When I run, I feel like my knee is all I focus on. Is my stride wrong? Am I overcompensating? Or am I just overthinking this whole thing? Should I think less about my knee? Focus on my core and let my body realign?

But then, as I ran, I felt an answer come. The words held the same weight I feel when I have a prompting from the spirit:

“Focus on the inside of that left foot as you run.”

It felt so odd. I was running! This wasn’t a spiritual thing! It couldn’t be from God.

But I did it. And for me, in my situation, for my problem—it worked. My knee loosened and stopped hurting as much as I focused on the inside of that left foot.

I was filled with wonder for the rest of my run—that God knew. That God cared.

I was listening to the scriptures as I ran and I listened to D&C 48.

The section is about the migration of the Saints from the eastern United States and God giving them revelation on how to procure land for the settlement of the Saints.

Really just managerial stuff. It hardly seems to apply to the Saints now-a-days. But isn’t that the beautiful part about it?

God knew what THEY needed. In that moment. And He provided that revelation, exactly for them on how to procure land!

That’s the “personal” part of personal revelation in action.

I think sometimes we put God into a box. I have the “God stuff” that I let Him influence in that box.

Then there are the other boxes—politics, finances, intimacy, job, dietary needs, etc.
The boxes we sometimes forget to let God into. 

But God quietly reminded me on my run today by that simple prompting that His hand can be in EVERY box.

Or maybe, there really just is one box.

He wants to be involved in all the categories of our lives.

He wanted to help the Saints with their housing. He wanted to help me with my knee. And He wants to help you too.

“God is in the small details of our lives.” (Ronald A. Rasband)

Invite Him in.

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