“The Lord has more in mind for you than you have for yourself.”

art by Emily Shay Tueller

Hermit crabs live within salvaged, empty seashells. As the hermit crab grows, it is forced out of its shell and has to find a new one.

That moment, as it grows out of one shell and has to look for a new one, it is particularly vulnerable.

But that vulnerability is necessary for it to grow.

I was praying one day, thinking about the things I needed to do and where I needed to grow. Things I frankly didn’t want to do and didn’t feel any motivation to do. 

I didn’t want change. 
I didn’t want to be vulnerable.
I didn’t want life to be hard.

I found myself giving myself a pep talk.

I said “But I can do hard things!”

And I felt the spirit whisper to me, “No Mary, you MUST do hard things.”

“That is the only way you will become the person I need you to be. So expect the hard. Every day. When it comes, it shouldn’t be a surprise. But know you aren’t alone.”

I’ve thought about that change of perspective a lot. Just one word. But it really does make a difference.

I thought about that experience as I read D&C 47. John Whitmer was asked to be the church historian and recorder.

And his response made me laugh out loud:

“I would rather not do it.”

Yup! I know that feeling!!

But I love what he says after that—“but observed that the will of the Lord be done.”

After this revelation, John accepted the calling. He accepted change and growth and hard. He got vulnerable.

We must do hard things.
Not ALL hard things, mind you.
The hard that the Lord has in mind.
The hard that He consecrates, wills, and uses to mold you into the person He needs you to be.

Remember, “the Lord has more in mind for you than you have for yourself. You have been reserved and preserved for this time and place. You can do hard things.”

And you MUST do hard things.
Changing shells is scary.
But growth is necessary.
And God will be with you every step of the way to that new shell.

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