“We are not obedient because we are blind. We are obedient because we can see.”

art by Yongsung Kim

I know that Jesus was perfect and people were offended by him.

But that’s exactly it…Jesus was PERFECT and offended people.

I am not. 😉 
I dont have the perfect truth, either.
I’m not trying to say it’s my job to never offend, but I do think it’s my job to be introspective when I do.

It is hard to write my thoughts in 2,200 characters. I never am able to get the full picture of what I mean.

As I look back, I think there was something I missed in my last post. An eloquent commenter helped me realize it.

They retold the story President Uchtdorf shared about blind men who come across an elephant—which they had never encountered before.

One called the tail a rope.
One called the trunk a snake.
One called the ear a fan.
One called the leg a tree trunk.
One called the side a wall.

Each of them was describing a piece of truth, but because their truth came from their personal experiences, none of them had the whole truth.

The commenter on the post said, each of us, in a way, is one of those blind men—“looking through a glass, darkly.” (1 Corinthians 13:12)

Obviously, there are some things we can be confident we know as truth.

But, as Elder Uchtdorf says, “It seems to be part of our nature as human beings to make assumptions about people, politics, and piety based on our incomplete and often misleading experience.”

So should we even share our perspective of truth as we work towards having the full truth? Yes! Like those blind men, there is a lot we can learn as we collaborate and share together. That’s why I started this account in the first place.

But I also believe we need to be continually going to The Source as we share. And, especially important, continually acting in love as we seek truth.

It is only when we go to God that we will be able to say, like the blind man in the scriptures, “I was blind, now I see!” (John 9:25)

Thank you for sharing your perspectives. Thank you for allowing me to share mine. ❤️

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