“Sometimes, when you are in a dark place and you think you’ve been buried, you’ve actually been planted.”

“Dreary and underdeveloped.”
“Backwater trading post.”
“Godless and rough.”

These were the words to describe the land upon which Zion would be built.

Many of the Saints were disappointed. Many couldn’t see how anything good could come from such a place.

Joseph himself cried to the Lord in anguish, “When will the wilderness blossom as the rose?”

And what was the Lord’s reply?

Let Sidney Gilbert plant himself in this place and establish a store (D&C 57:8).
Let William Phelps plant himself in this place as a printer (v. 11).
Let Edward Partridge plant himself and his family as he divides the saints their inheritance (v 14).

The use of the word planted cannot be a coincidence.

THEY were the seeds God created for this wilderness. THEY were the roses that would blossom.

They just had to be planted.

Sometimes, “ye cannot behold with your natural eyes, for the present time, the design of your God … and the glory which shall follow after much tribulation” (D&C 58:3)

Sometimes, you just see yourself being buried in a disappointing, Godless, rough, dreary wilderness.

But God has prepared us FOR THIS. And we will rise.

“Buried in corruption. Rising in incorruption. 
Buried in dishonor. Rising in glory. 
Buried in weakness. Rising in power,”
(1 Corinthians 15:42-44).

We become part of God’s solution to the problem when we are planted in the Lord.

Blooming. Changing—not only yourself but the environment around you.

You can make the wildness blossom. You can build Zion right where you are.

As Christine Caine said, “Sometimes, when you are in a dark place and you think you’ve been buried, you’ve actually been planted.”

So trust.
Become firmly rooted.
And bloom in the wilderness.
Because, to be sure, this world needs more roses like you.❤️

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