“Christ is willing to join with us in the yoke and pull in order to lighten our burdens. Christ is rest.”

art by Terra and Sage

There was a veterinarian who was called to go to a client who farmed with a yoke of oxen.

The young oxen were broken by being yoked with a ten year old, sturdy ox named Clyde. Clyde would lead them through the work.

The young oxen that he treated had pressure sores on their back—as large as dinner plates. You could even put your fists through them.

The veterinarian asked the farmer if the yokes were ill-fitted and that was what was causing these sores. The farmer took him to a back room where he showed that yokes were handmade to fit each and every ox.

“No,” the farmer said, “it is not about the yoke fitting. It fits perfectly. It’s about if these young oxen will allow themselves to be yoked.

“When they don’t allow themselves, they are either half in or half out—but they are never completely under the yoke to enable Clyde to help them.”

D&C 82:10 states, “I, the Lord, am bound when ye do what I say; but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise.”

I don’t believe God is being a punitive parent here, waiting for His opportunity to revoke privileges.

As I studied, I thought about the word bound being similar to “yoked.”

When we are all in, we are bound to Jesus and His work. Our burdens will be eased and we enable His promise to be kept.

But when we are not all in, we won’t feel the promised blessings of the Savior’s yoke.

We will all mess up. In fact, that is the context for chapter 82. 

The Lord states, “all of you have sinned; but verily I say unto you, beware from henceforth, and refrain from sin, lest sore judgments fall upon your heads.” (2)

All of us will feel the sores of leaving the yoke at one time or another.

But this chapter also shows God’s mercy, “I, the Lord, will not lay any sin to your charge; go your ways and sin no more.” (7)

He continually asks us to repent and take up the yoke of the Savior again, healing any wounds brought by our sins.

“Christ is willing to join with us in the yoke and pull in order to lighten our burdens. Christ is rest.” (Sharon Eubank)

Comfort comes as we lean on Him, all in. 

Binding ourselves to Him and His promises.

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