“When I don’t see the hand of God, I should trust his heart. I know what kind of heart he has.”

art by Paige Payne

A young woman once told me a story. As a young girl, she lost her lucky penny. After searching and searching, she knelt down to pray. She never found her penny, but her dad gave her a dime.

Blessings come in unexpected ways.

Many times, I think we miss our blessings because we are too caught up looking for pennies when our Father has given us dimes.

Often, our math doesn’t add up with God’s math.

And as much as we try to desperately add our commandment keeping or prayers to equal some exact blessing on the other side of the equation, that just isn’t how it always works.

Tithing doesn’t always bring financial security.

Serving others might not make the rest of your day easier.

And, despite what people say, volunteering to say the prayer doesn’t always bring you a hotter husband. 😉 

BUT. God’s answer is always better.

Blessings always come. They just sometimes come in unexpected ways.

As David Butler says, “When I don’t see the hand of God, I should trust his heart. I know what kind of heart he has”

I thought of this principle while reading D&C 89–

If you eat herbs in their season, don’t drink alcohol, sparingly eat meat, etc what is a blessing that will come?

“Wisdom and great treasures of knowledge, even hidden treasures.” (v. 19)

If I were to ask someone how to get treasures of knowledge, I would be pretty shocked if they told me the answer was eating differently. And yet—there it is. Straight from the Lord’s mouth.

Unexpected, wonderful blessings.

Dimes for pennies.

That is the type of God we have.

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