Many dead ends only look that way to our mortal eyes.

art by Olivia Schirmer

I have a friend who fell in love and one day, the spirit said, “You will be sealed July 30th.” 

She believed it and planned on being married to her husband on that day. However, due to circumstances out of her control, they got married in October. 

She was so confused. She had truly thought it was the spirit! It was a small thing, but because of it, she started to struggle trusting herself and the spirit. 

Right after getting married, they felt strongly like a child was ready to join them.

But then she had miscarriage after miscarriage.

She started dreaming about a boy they were supposed to adopt. They decided to pursue adoption and found a boy that matched her dreams exactly. Name and all. 

However, he was placed with another family.

Time after time, prompting after prompting, seemed to be leading to closed doors. She was extremely confused.

Time passed and she received a call from the caseworker informing her that the boy she had been dreaming about was now going to be placed with them! 

About a year after being placed with them, the adoption was finalized. They hurried and called the temple to schedule a temple date for their son to be sealed to them. 

The sweet lady on the other end of the line suggested, “How about July 30th?” 

And then it all made sense. All of it. 

She said of the experience, “We now have 5 boys. I have had 9 miscarriages and many confusing and frustrating times in life. 

“But many times I am reminded about July 30th and know that God’s ways are not mine, and that He has a more perfect plan for my life than I do.”

In Doctrine and Covenants 94, God asked Hyrum Smith, Reynolds Cahoon and Jared Carterti form a committee to build His temples.

The next section, He stated “Therefore, let it be built after the manner which I shall show unto three of you.”

The committee might have assumed “Three! That’s us.”

But the three people who saw how to build the temple were actually the first presidency.

What we perceive is not always what we receive.

Be humble and patient—something better is ahead.

Many dead ends only look that way to our mortal eyes. God sees that the path is vertical, not horizontal.

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