What kind of house am I building the Lord?

art by Lacey Zubia Christenson

So the story goes, there was once a master carpenter who worked for the same master his whole career. One day, he told his master he was retiring and the master asked him to build one last house.

The master said, “Scrimp on nothing. I want the finest materials used.”

But the chief carpenter got a bit lazy. The finest materials were inconvenient to find, so he used what he had. He turned a blind eye to details skipped. He cut corners.

When the house was done, the carpenter went to present the house to the master and found an envelope instead. Inside was the deed to the house he had built.

As the Saints got ready to build a temple, they had a disagreement on how it should be made. The people thought it would be too costly to build a frame building and decided a log house would be more cost effective.

Joseph Smith said, “And shall we, brethren, build a house for Our God of logs?”

I’ve thought about that phrase often this week.

Because the scriptures also call us temples. (1 Cor 6:19-20)

And I wonder what kind of house am I building for the Lord? What materials, resources, and sacrifices am I consecrating to the Lord?

Joseph Smith added in that meeting, “No, brethren, I have a better plan than that. I have the plan of the house of the Lord given by himself.”

Are we allowing the world or God to be our head architect in our lives? Are we diligently following His instructions? Are we using the finest materials—or getting distracted by the convenience of what is immediately in front of us?

Let us not make a house out of logs.

Ultimately, in our consecrated sacrifice, the Lord builds US up.

Follow the Master’s instructions.

Don’t cut corners.

And don’t hold out.

Because if His glory is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man, (Moses 1:39)…

That means that ultimately, His Glory will be ours. His mansion was always meant for us to live in.

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