“Don’t look for new landscapes, use new eyes to see what is already there.”

art by Hyrum hymalayah

My first time making whipped cream, I thought that the powdered sugar was what made it fluffy. So, I added the cream, started the mixer, and added some powdered sugar. Thirty seconds later, I added more. Every thirty seconds after that, I added more until, five minutes later, the whipped cream was heightened and whipped.

And then I tried it. It was so dense with sugar that it all had to be thrown away.

I asked my mom what I did wrong and why it was dense. She said, “You just needed to wait and let the mixer do it’s job—that’s what makes it heighten with peaks and fluffy, not the powdered sugar.”

So there I had sat, thinking what I added had brought the fluff, when all along it had been the mixer.

It was never about what I added in—in fact, what I added in was a detriment.

The mixer was what made it light.

How many things in life are like that?

We attribute the good and the joy and the light that comes in our lives to all the external things we think we need to add in…

When really, every good thing comes from God. (Moroni 7:12)

I’ve thought a lot about the phrase that sinners are “walking in darkness at noon day.” D&C 95:6)

We all do it, at least occasionally. But how? How do we ignore the light? I think many times it’s because we attribute it to something else—the powdered sugar of life.

But the continual churning and mixing upwards from our Savior is what truly heightens and brings the light into our lives.

We don’t need to add anything else in.

As Gérald Caussé said, “Don’t look for new landscapes, use new eyes to see what is already there.”

God says it best, “Be still, and know that I am God.” (D&C 101:16)

Just be still.

Look to Him.

Wait. Trust. Know.

Resist the urge to add stuff in.

And recognize that it is God that will make the denseness in your life light.

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