“Obedience is a choice … between our own limited knowledge and power and God’s unlimited knowledge and omnipotence.”

art by Amber Eldredge

A nobleman asked his servants to do four things:

Plant olive trees,

Build a hedge,

Set watchmen,

And build a watchtower. (D&C 101)

The servants planted the trees and the hedge and put watchmen around it. But while building the foundation for the watchtower, they started to wonder…why are we doing this?

D&C 101:48 states, “And [they] consulted, saying among themselves: What need hath my lord of this tower, seeing this is a time of peace? […] there is no need of these things.”

I think it’s important to not vilify these servants. They were serving the right master. They were doing most of what He asked. But they justified not doing one thing, because “there was no need.”

We can land in this place as well. Especially when we consult amongst ourselves instead of God.

But then in the parable, an enemy came and destroyed their trees.

The nobleman came back, sad that they hadn’t listened. His way would have stopped the heartache and destruction,

even if it seemed unimportant at the time.

The seemingly unimportant. The Lord works in that area a lot—

Looking up at a bronze serpent.

Going around a wall seven times.

Drinking water with a cupped hand.

Bread and water.

An undergarment. 

None of these things seem all that important on their own.

And yet, God gives them meaning and…

People were healed.

Walls fell.

Armies were strengthened.

His spirit is always with us.

We have shield and a protection against the adversary.

God attached meaning and power and blessings onto those unimportant things, and suddenly they are extremely important.

And when we obey, even if it seems unimportant, we are blessed with His power.

The best part about this parable? The ending.

The nobleman tells them “Go ye straightway, and do ALL things whatsoever I have commanded you.”

He gives them another chance.

And this time, the servants do all they are asked.

They are endowed with power.

And “all things were fulfilled.”

We find so much comfort in the fact that God cares about what we care about, no matter how small and insignificant it seems.

Let’s return the favor to Him.

We will be blessed for it.

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