“The Savior loves to restore what you cannot restore; He loves to heal wounds you cannot heal; He loves to fix what has been irreparably broken.”

art by Walter Rane

Guest post by Taylor Ricks

On the days I feel the smallest, I can know He has felt smaller.

In the moments I feel most weak, I believe He has felt weaker.

In the times I feel most alone, I know He has felt more lonely.

When pain of body, mind, or spirit course through my being, I know He has felt pain that is greater.

When tears stain my cheeks, anxiety fills my chest, and it seems impossible to draw another deep breath, I know He has cried these tears, and knows the pain of angst.

I know Jesus Christ has descended below all things so that someday, through Him, I might rise above, yet still in the darkness, I often try to face it on my own.

Then to my mind comes the words: “Art thou greater than He?” (D&C 122:8).

I think of my failures and human fragility.

The daily repentance and turning again.

A nearly constant need for saving and redemption of my fallen soul and broken heart.

My greatness cannot match His, nevermind surpass it.

“Art thou greater than He?” (D&C 122:8)

They are not words to justify my path through darkness, suggesting if He can do it, so too can I—

They are a reminder that the Greatest of All has already overcome the greatest of sorrows, so that I, in my weakness, do not need to face it alone.

So, should all ills imaginable combine against me, I can know that it is not the trial that is good for my experience, it is the chance to turn to Him in His great glory all over again. (See D&C 122:7)

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