“You have not traveled beyond the reach of divine love”

art by Yongsung Kim

I was going to the temple last week and took a wrong turn. My phone said “recalculating” and then it said something along the lines of “unable to recalculate.”

I tried again. And again. Still, no connection.

I finally hit my steering wheel and thought in my head “THIS IS NOT HOW THE TEMPLE WORKS! You can always recalculate when you mess up and find a way to the temple!”

It was a joke. I smiled and kept driving in the way I thought was right until the gps finally worked.

I was telling my dad that story when he added more. He said,

“What if you were driving on the highway and the Savior was in your front seat giving directions?

But then, Satan said from the backseat ‘turn!’ And you do.

Suddenly, you are through the traffic barrier and down the hill. Out of control, slamming into trees.

Then, suddenly you stop. And you look to your right. And the Savior is still there.

“Bumpy ride, wasn’t it?” He says.

You wonder out loud how you could possibly get back on the highway.

“Just take that.” And Jesus points to a road. It starts right where you are. And goes right where you need to be.

“Where did the road come from?” You ask.

“I made it, 2000 years ago. Just for you.”

I’ve thought about that talk with my dad a lot.

Then, I was reading in D&C 133 and came to this verse: “And an highway shall be cast up in the midst of the great deep.” (v. 27)

I immediately thought of my dad’s analogy.

Jesus will break down all the barriers that separate us from him—that’s what this chapter portrays to me.

Mountains will be flattened.

Valleys will not be found. (v 22)

The land will be brought together. (v 24)

Barren deserts will bring forth water. (v 29)

And yes, even a highway made in the deep. (v 29)

Whatever it takes to get us to Him.

As Elder Holland said, “However […] many mistakes you feel you have made […] or distance from home and family and God you feel you have traveled, I testify that you have not traveled beyond the reach of divine love.”

It’s never too late to recalculate.

Jesus will provide any means necessary to get you back.

So don’t lose hope—He hasn’t.

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