“Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.”

art by Celeste Clark

I remember doing a youth activity where the church building was turned in Lehi’s dream. We had to follow a rod and pass all of the “temptation” rooms.

I can’t remember all of the temptation rooms—but I do remember a room with (gasp!) a rock music dance party. 😂

When we got to the end, there was a testimony meeting and refreshments. And I remember thinking, hmmm this is good. But is Heaven just one long testimony meeting? Because, I also love a good dance party.

And that’s why I am so grateful that one of the nine principles that families are established on is wholesome recreational activities.

The moments that shaped my testimony the most did not just occur at church meetings or temple sessions.

Many of them were formed as my family went camping together. Or gardened together. Or went on long car rides. Or planned an impromptu second wedding ceremony for my parents in our living room because we were “upset that they did the first one without us.”

Those fun moments helped build a foundation of love that made me actually want to live with my family forever.

We aren’t sacrificing joy to worship God. We worship God to experience joy.

And that’s such an important concept to teach our families.

There is room for a wholesome dance party under our tree of life and in our kitchens.

There is room for fun and laughter.

And we have to consistently make time for it.

Because “Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.” (President Hinckley)

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