“Our quest for light will be enhanced by our own willingness to recognize when it shines in our lives.”

art by Jenna McKell

The last two days of Christmas break felt really long this year. We had a wonderful Christmas, but getting back from a trip, plus Christmas clean up, plus hormones, plus piles of laundry, plus all the kids in the house (plus guilt) definitely felt like a lot.

There were moments in the day when things just had to get done and my kids seemed like a barrier to me reaching my goals rather than my most important goals.

So today, I’ve thought a lot about how God sees my kids. The scripture keep coming to mind: “This is my work and my glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.” (Moses 1:39)

I thought—sometimes motherhood seems like a lot of work with not a lot of glory.

But God views us as both at the same time.

In a low moment, I prayed to God, asking how I could bring more glory into the daily grind of motherhood. I got an immediate thought, “Look for the light.”

Which made sense—because “the glory of God […] is light and truth.” (D&C 93:36)

So I started looking for light. For the good. And I wasn’t perfect, but I did find it.

In kind words. 

In wiping away frustrated tears.

In small hands reaching up.

In forgiveness during the dinner hustle.

In an act of service.

In finishing Wind and the Willows with two kids on my lap.

In giggles before bed.

There were parts I didn’t see light in as well. But I’m choosing to focus on the light.

Because as Vern P. Stanfill said, “Our quest for light will be enhanced by our own willingness to recognize when it shines in our lives.”

Work and glory.

They can work hand and hand.

We just need to find the light.

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