“All the beauty in the earth bears the fingerprint of the master creator.”

art by Yongsung Kim

I was scrolling on instagram when a caption stopped me—with permission, I wanted to share it here 

“We were driving down a highway in Alaska alongside some of the most massive, beautiful mountains when my cousin pointed to some of the grooves winding down the mountain and said

‘it’s like nature’s stretch marks.’

I haven’t stopped thinking about it since.

After that trip, I can’t drive along the Wasatch Front without stealing glances at Lady Timp and her sister peaks.

I see stretch marks and prickly trees, thick boulders and thin streams. Layers of history and beauty that have been a sacred refuge for so many, especially me.

Emotional, I come home and enter my room to see my tall, gold-rimmed mirror. I get closer and I see her; stretch marks and prickly legs, thick thighs and thin hair. Layers that have carried me through a beautiful life of




and loving.

And I wonder— if I treated her with the same reverence and awe that I do Lady Timp, what kind of peace could be mine?

Could she become the kind of sacred refuge to me that Lady Timp is for travelers, begging to spend time with her?

We marvel at the marks left on mountains as they’re stretched

by seasons

and wind

and melting snow

and then we try to erase the marks and layers left on our own bodies by their own


and hardship

and growth.

As if He didn’t create both.”

Christine Parks

I loved this beautiful, personal, spiritual experience came from an observation of God’s creations.

As Elder Ballard stated, “All the marvels of nature are glimpses of His divine power and expressions of His love.”

God didn’t have to make the mountains or color to have His plan work. Every last bit of it He did just because He loves us.

Every snowflake that lands on our windshield. 

Every leaf that perfectly catches on a sun ray. 

Every rainbow that reflects down on your kitchen floor. 

Every shooting star, sunset, ripple—

they are all love notes from our Heavenly Father and Mother.

Telling us a bit more about who They are.

And reminding us that They care.

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