It doesn’t have to be complete to be called good.

art by Eva Timothy

I’ve noticed a negative thought the past couple of years that circles around my head when I am being productive or working towards a goal, but feeling discouraged by things I still have to do:

“I am trying my best and it isn’t enough.”

I know it is a negative thought pattern. But it still comes around uninvited, so I’ve been trying to think of phrases to replace it with. As I read the creation story last week, I had an idea something that could work instead.

On day one of creation, Christ made light and dark. He still had a lot to do—land, animals, birds, plants, humans; He wasn’t even close to finishing the Earth.

And yet, He looked at what He had accomplished and called it good.

What a wonderful example.

That’s why I put these two works of art by Eva Timothy side by side. I think they are powerful together. When we are feeling overwhelmed with our to-do list or our to-be list, we can use Christ’s example and look at our progress and call it good.

He created so that we can.

His power lifts our efforts.

As Brad Wilcox said, “Remember change is possible, repentance is a process, and worthiness is not flawlessness. Most important, remember that God and Christ are willing to help us right here and now.”

Satan tries to discourage us, focusing on how far we have to go, while Christ encourages us, focusing on how far we have come.

So today, when I started to feel discouraged with my to-do list, 

I paused. Looked past the laundry to the sink that was now dish-free, and said,

“It is good.”

It’s about progress, not perfection—

the slope up, not the slip up.

It doesn’t have to be complete to be called good.

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