“Do not get discouraged. Things will work out.”

art by Yongsung Kim

A woman was expecting her second child, Stephen, and learned at 20 weeks there were severe complications. 

She was nervous but had a very vivid and spiritual confirmation:

“Everything will be fine.” 

VERY clear. 

The next few days after his delivery were a blur. As the days progressed, it seemed there was a new complication each day. 

She still felt the reassurance that it would be ok, but she wondered, “How?” 

Nearly two weeks after Stephen was born, the doctors decided to remove his breathing tube to strengthen his lungs. 

The procedure did not go as planned. The moment the tube was removed, Stephen immediately began to code. 

They started CPR right away, and kept at it for 25 minutes. The mother numbly observed for what seemed like an eternity.

With all of the chaos going on around her, the room seemed to go silent and that same overwhelming, and seemingly audible voice said, 

“It is going to be ok. 

Stephen is going to be fine. 

Let him go.”

It’s human nature to crave a happy ending.

It is unsettling to feel that our moment, situation, relationship, day, or life doesn’t end as we would wish. What of God’s promises?

In those moments, I am reminded of Christ.

Who, if you look just at His life in earth, did not have a happy ending.

He bled from every pore.

His friend betrayed him.

He was scourged and mocked.

And He died on the cross.

The end.

But it wasn’t the end.

That is the beautiful part, more happened after the curtain closed. And that part is critical to His story—ours as well.

Isaiah 26:1 states “We have a strong city, God makes salvation its walls and ramparts.”

If Salvation is God’s greatest defense, then we have to trust more in what happens after the curtain of the life closes than we do in what happens during our acts or final scene here on Earth.

It isn’t easy; in fact, it is excruciatingly difficult at times.

But when we “trust in the Lord forever” we will find “everlasting strength.” (26:4)

We will find Salvation—God’s son—God’s greatest defense.

Our final act resolved by His Final Act.

Our rising made sure by His.

Truly, it is all going to be ok.

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