Overcome the world

art by Brenda Bird Designs

Recently, I’ve tried changing one four word sentence out for another.

I changed out “I don’t have time” to “It’s not a priority.”

I still catch myself saying “I don’t have time.” But the thing is—I do have time. 

I have time to shower.

I have time to clean that thing that has been sitting in the floor for a week.

Heck, I have time to learn Ancient Greek or run a marathon.

I have time for anything—but not everything.

So what am I prioritizing?

A man named Albert Grey in 1940 theorized that the common denominator of success was the ability to put first things first.

He stated, “It is easier to adjust ourselves to the hardships of poor living than to adjust ourselves to the hardships of making a better one. […]

But “Successful men (and women) are influenced by the desire for pleasing results, [not …] pleasing methods.”

This reminded me of Haggai 1:6-7, “Ye have ​​​sown​ much, and bring in little; ye ​​​eat​, but ye have not enough; […] and he that ​​​earneth​ wages earneth ​​​wages​ ​to put it​ into a bag with ​​​holes​.

“Thus saith the ​​Lord​​; ​​​Consider​ your ​​​ways​. Go up to the mountain, and bring wood, and build the ​​​house​.”

After the Israelites came back from captivity, they put other good things, like building their own houses, before the greatest thing—building God’s house.

It is easy to spend our life with the wrong priorities following the path of least resistance, building up things that leave us lacking…and leaking—light, energy, and power.

Truly, we must “consider our ways.”

President Nelson said last conference, “Each time you do anything good—things that “the natural man” would not do—you are overcoming the world.”

We must put pleasing results over pleasing methods,

And we will suddenly find ourselves building a covenant life.

It takes OUR will power to see that HIS will empowers. 

“Be strong […] and work, for I am with you.” (Haggai 2:4)

Consider your ways..

Put results over methods,

covenants over convenience.

Then you will find true success.

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