God wants all of me. His expectations are as great as His grace.

art by Lacy Palmer

I heard a thought in sacrament meeting that I’ve thought about a lot this past year. 

“The first words you speak each day should be in prayer

“The first words you read should be the

word of the Lord

“The first words you hear should be after

quiet pondering

“The first entertainment or happiness you seek should be for someone else

“The first correction given each day should be to improve yourself

“The first part of all money received should be given back in a faithful tithe”

Being a young mom, this beautiful concept does not always (or usually) play out—

Most of the time, I wake up to something like deodorant being smeared across my forehead or the words “Mom, I’m ready to wipe!”

But I still like the spirit behind this quote.

I apply it like this—am I saving my best for the Lord?

Am I studying scriptures while my mind is alert?

Am I praying when I need it the most?

What it comes down to is me sacrificing for a relationship. 

In Malachi 1, it says, “cursed be the deceiver […] who sacrificeth unto the Lord a corrupt thing. […] ye offer polluted bread upon mine altar and […] and the blind for a sacrifice, […] and the lame and sick.”

God wants all of me. His expectations are as great as His grace.

It seems like a lot to ask—

But Brad Wilcox said, “A God who is asking nothing of us is making nothing of us.”

Of course it’s hard…that’s the point.

It’s a lifetime pursuit for an eternal reward. 

We must concentrate to consecrate.

But as we give God our best, everything will get better. 

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