“We need not fear the future nor falter in hope and good cheer, because God is with us.”

art by Emily Shay

Fear not for…

These three words were heralded many times preceding Christ’s birth. 

Fear not for… thou hast found favor with God. (Luke 1:30)

Fear not for… that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost. (Matthew 1:20)

Fear not for […] unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour. (Luke 2:10-11)

An absence of fear had nothing to do with an absence of problems…

Mary still had to tell her betrothed she was pregnant.

Joseph still had to deal with judgement from family and friends.

And I’m assuming the shepherds had to leave their flock (their livelihood) behind when they “came with haste” to see Jesus. 

But none of that was mentioned by the angel. 

What was mentioned by the angel?

God (Luke 1:30), the Holy Ghost (Matt 1:20), and Jesus (Luke 2:10).

In essence, fear not, for…”I am with you” (Isaiah 41:10), bringing good tidings(Luke 2:10), miraculous circumstances (Matthew 1:20), and love (Luke 1:30)

Fear not for…they were not going through it alone.

Neither are you.

As Elder Porter stated, “We need not fear the future nor falter in hope and good cheer, because God is with us. […] When our only desire is to please Him, we will be filled with a deep inner peace.” 

“Fear not for.”

A phrase of hope and perspective.

A promise of triumph and redemption.

An invitation to let Christ into your life—just as Mary, Joseph, and the shepherds did two thousand years ago.

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