Meet the author

Mary Stallings, author and founder of Come Follow Me Daily

Some facts about me:

  • I love gushers, adventures, pajamas, snail mail, and botanical gardens.
  • I currently live in the midwest and am the primary chorister in my ward.
  • My family called me GP-less growing up because I have ZERO sense of direction.
  • Brandon Sanderson is my favorite writer.
  • I once had my car surrounded by FIVE cop cars.
  • I am horrible at escape rooms and timed tests. (The pressure!!! I can’t take it!!)
  • I am a BYU graduate, avid cougar fan, and have a degree in Elementary Education.
  • I have two sweet boys and a hot, supportive husband (who does the dishes every night so I can write these posts)

How Come Follow Me Daily started:

I was studying how women in church history used the gifts of the spirit. As I read, I used my patriarchal blessing as my bookmark—highlighting all of the gifts of the spirit and talents that were promised to me in it and referencing them as I studied.

After my study, I was full to the brim with examples of the Spirit doing incredible things through these women.

I realized, these gifts the Lord had blessed me with could be used so much more powerfully.

I asked God how I could more effectively use those gifts, and part of my answer was starting this account.

I remember having this feeling of dread; I knew I would run out of ideas.

But I felt clearly the Lord promise that if I just started, insights would flow and even overflow into my life.

And it has happened. Daily. Time after time. It is one of the greatest blessings of my life.

I truly stand all amazed.

I’m not a writer or a social media expert, or a bible scholar, or an art connoisseur. But I do love my Savior Jesus Christ, and can testify that His grace helps fill in my gaps.

There have been countless times I have struggled with words, and then they have come. Or times I couldn’t find a piece of art for a post, and then as I prayed I knew just what to search to find the right piece.

This space is sacred for me, and I fight to keep it that way. I love this community and am continually inspired by your studies and comments.

Thank you for being here with me.

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