“Spiritual light rarely comes to those who merely sit in darkness and wait for someone to turn on the switch.”

art by Taylor Ann Child

There was a young child who was melting down. He was intentionally trying to cause hurt with his words.

His mom said, “I am in charge of how I feel, and I feel peace. But the way you are acting doesn’t seem to make you feel good. Choose to let light in.”

The kid continued his mean comments and continued crying. But finally, he stopped and gave his mom a hug.

They talked afterwards. The mom asked “when did you feel the light come in?”

The boy said, “when I hugged you. It felt good.”

Light is an extremely complex thing to try to define scientifically. 

For years there was argument about whether it acted as a wave or a particle. Each theory had its advocates. Each had a unique description of how light acts.

Ultimately, it was decided that the best way to define it was wave-particle duality theory. It was too complex for a single theory to define.

Christ describes himself as the “Father of Lights”. (D&C 67:9). (Other examples: D&C 50:24, 84:45, 88:49, John 14:6, John 8:12)

I love the idea of describing Christ as light—Him, too, being too complex to be defined with a single example.

You could sit in a dark room and have someone lecture you about everything we know regarding light and light theory but you could never grasp its magnitude until you experience it.

But once you do, that light brings clarity, vision, and warmth.

Similarly, we need to experience the Savior to truly understand Him and feel the clarity, vision, and warmth that comes through Him.

How do we let the light in and experience it for ourselves? In Elder Dyches’ talk “Light cleaveth to Light” he gives some ways to gather light:


Scripture study

Acting on guidance from the prophet

Keeping the commandments


Partaking of the sacrament

Sharing the gospel


Acting in kindness

I love the idea of gathering and cleaving to light—having it grow brighter and brighter with each action we take.

Because “spiritual light rarely comes to those who merely sit in darkness and wait for someone to turn on the switch. (Elder Uchtdorf)

It truly is only through experiencing the light that you will come to know it.

And know Him.

Let the light in today.

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