“He knows us and loves us and [blesses] us specifically and openly.”

“Wheat and Tares” by Yongsung Kim

There was a famous church songwriter and father who desperately needed answers for his family.

He prayed like he never prayed before…
and received nothing.

He said of that time, “It was like somebody decided to bolt Heaven shut.”

And they stayed shut for nine years.
But he held on.

And then, one day, he said, “I was in my little studio office where I write songs when, for a 10-day period, it was like I received a download of songs from heaven.”

In those songs, he realized, his question was answered perfectly.

He said, “But even more incredible to me than their perfection was that they came to me in a language only I would understand. It was so personal. He sent songs to the songwriter.”

God speaks our language.

When He said, “The field is white and ready to harvest” (D&C 4), he was speaking to a farmer (Joseph Smith Senior).

And when He said, “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men,” He was talking to fishermen.

Both messages are saying essentially the same thing…there is a work to do.

But Christ tells a farmer to harvest and a fisherman to fish.

Maybe if this same command was given to Elder Uchtdorf, it would say, “the planes are gassed up and ready to fly.”

He talks to farmers,
He talks to fishermen,
He talks to song-writers
in a way they will perfectly understand.
And He will talk to you, in a way that is perfect for you to understand.
Listen, wait, and see.

God powerfully and very personally assures each of us that He knows us and loves us and that he is blessing us specifically and openly.


Source for story: “Faith Crisis: What do we do when we feel nothing”

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