“Diamonds are formed under pressure. And bread dough rises when you let it rest.”

“woman learning” by Caitlin Connolly

I was sitting, nursing my daughter last night. She was doing the “suck, suck, desperate, hungry wail” on repeat.

And I just cried.

Because that feeling of being empty. Of my child needing me and me being depleted…it felt like my last week instead of just that heart-wrenching moment.

I have so many things I need to work on this year. And as I looked at the list of things I need to change, I felt that same feeling. Depleted. Empty.

All the things on that list are important. But something had to break—or else I would.

So I turned to my scriptures. And I read Joseph’s words, “I often said to myself: What is to be done? […] for how to act I did not know.”

So I did what Joseph did and asked God.

And immediately, one goal stood out. Just one.

And I could do one.
I felt God fill my depleted soul.

I saw a saying the other day that said, “Diamonds form under pressure, but dough rises when you let it rest.”

I think that’s why it’s so important not to look around or scroll down for inspiration.
Ask Him.

He is the source that never runs dry.
And He will always leave us filled.

Diamonds are formed under pressure. And bread dough rises when you let it rest. We are all our own things. What may be motivating to you may be crippling to others.


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